Making a difference: The power of AgriTech and blockchain in the fight for the planet’s future

Dimitra Making a difference – Since it’s inception, block chain technology has found diversified and valuable applications to help boost efficiency and incentivize community participation in different areas and industries.

Farming is a sector that can benefit from comprehensive block chain technology solutions. Specifically when it comes to assembling actionable data. And making it work to improve small businesses’ operation across several financial and sustainability metrics.

Dimitra Making a difference

By 2050, it is estimated that 10 billion people will inhabit the earth. And agricultural development will be a powerful mechanism to end extreme poverty, facilitate shared prosperity and feel the overall global population. The global agri-food industry is worth an estimated $8.5 trillion. And urgently needs technological innovation if it aims to achieve such targets.

Farmers across G20 nations have access to technology that helps them create profitable businesses. And provide millions of people with sustainable and good quality food. Such circumstances contrast with emerging countries’ small farmers that struggle to flourish and produce enough food for their families. Such a gap must be reduced and eventually closed if the global target is to accommodate and sustainably feed 10 billion people.

Blockchain in action – Dimitra Making a difference

Blockchain and many other emerging technologies could contribute enormously to farmers worldwide in tackling rising costs of supplies, labor shortages, and consumers’ rising expectations for transparency and sustainability.

Dimitra Incorporated is a global AgTech company and an AgriFi solution provider. Both tools aim to unlock, accelerate, and leverage investments in developing countries, focusing on smallholder inclusiveness and agri-business MSMEs.

Its platform integrates advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchains, satellites, drones and IoT sensors. Providing farmers with actionable data that helps them increase yield, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Dimitra Making a difference

Dimitra Incorporated

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Dimitra Releases New Farmer Sponsorship Program

Hello Dimitra Community,

We hope you are well and are having a great 2023 so far. We appreciate your support, and we’re amazed at how many in our community have staked their tokens, indicating tremendous support for what we are doing.

Dimitra continues to build, and we continue to sign new deals for the Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform, Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform, Dimitra Connected Coffee module, and our new Dimitra Deforestation module with countries, cooperatives, and governments worldwide.

Here are a few of Dimitra’s highlights:

  • Dimitra signed commitments with 16 nations.
  • Dimitra signed a media partnership with Cointelegraph.
  • Dimitra is now in 18 languages.
  • Dimitra has built and deployed over 100 modules.
  • Dimitra launched our first bounty program with Ocean Protocol in July 2022. Since then, we have completed Phase Two and announced the winners.
  • Dimitra came out with a new “coffee” focused module in July 2022.
  • Dimitra launched our genetics module for livestock in April 2022, and we just launched the Dimitra Livestock Guru platform.
  • Dimitra has signed Bittrex as our latest exchange, and we’ve now listed on 5 of the top exchanges (https://dimitra.io/token/#markets).
  • Dimitra raised $6.5 million USD in our presale token sale offering, and we announced that GEM has committed to $20 Million.
  • Dimitra signed a media partnership with Cointelegraph to help get our message out to more communities across the world.
  • Dimitra won the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category.

(*** These are only a few of our accomplishments, and there are so many more)

The Dimitra Sponsorship Program:

We’re excited to announce the Dimitra Sponsorship Program.

We’ve listened to our loyal community of supporters and heard what you’ve said: that you’d like to be involved and that it’s important we show utility within our platform. Keep in mind that we can’t share all our news due to NDAs and conditions with big government contracts. We’d like to be able to, but there are larger considerations with some of our contracts, and they will show more utility over time. We’re also working very hard on our Farmer Points Program and will have updates later this year.

How The Dimitra Sponsorship works:

When you purchase DMTR tokens through one of our exchange partners (https://dimitra.io/token/#markets), you can move your tokens from our exchange partners to your wallet and then log in to the DMTR portal and do two things:

  1. First, ensure your tokens are staked and receive up to 13% APY.
  2. The next step to sponsoring a project is to log into the Dimitra Portal and click on the “Sponsorship” tab. Take some time to read about the program. The most important point to remember is that if you choose to sponsor a project, those $DMTR tokens will be locked for a one-year period.
  3. To get started, select “Create New Sponsorship.” You will have the option to choose “Any Project” or a “Specific Project” to sponsor. If you choose “Any Project,” select the amount of DMTR in USD that you would like to use for Sponsorship.
  4. If you choose to sponsor a specific project, be sure to select “Specific Project.” to learn more about each of the projects associated with this sponsorship opportunity, select the Projects tab.
  5. When you are ready to choose the project you would like to sponsor, select the project region and the value of USD you want to contribute. Every 100 USD is one sponsored farmer. In addition, You have the opportunity to sponsor multiple projects.
  6. Once you hit continue, you will be asked if you want to receive project updates.

Things you should know/things to consider:

When you choose to sponsor a project/region/farmer, your DMTR tokens are locked for a one-year period.

You will also receive a reminder notice/email one month before the end of your one-year term of sponsoring the farmer, asking if you’d like to continue supporting the farmer and project or unstake your tokens.

The default condition will be to keep sponsoring the farmer and receiving your yield for staking with us.

Everyone wins :).

You are also bringing real utility and adoption of our platform to the world.

Historically, there has always been criticism of “well-intentioned” projects that claim they will help without real transparency as to where their money is going (think of Haiti and the billions that went missing). We wanted to address this via the Dimitra portal (https://portal.dimitra.io/login). You’ll see which country, community, and farm you are helping within the Dimitra platform. You also receive a thank you letter from the farmers.

Why support the Dimitra Sponsorship program?

  1. Make a real and tangible difference in the lives of farmers who need our technology but can’t afford it.
  2. Empower farming families and improve their communities.
  3. You’ll see how many farms you’ve impacted within the portal, which is pretty special.
  4. Improve food security and sustainability.
  5. Be part of a project that brings people together and real-world adoption of the Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform, the Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform, and our Connected Coffee Module.
  6. Support Dimitra’s mission of being and delivering on being an ESG company that aligns with the United Nations SDG goals.
  7. Be part of something bigger.
Dimitra Incorporated

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Dimitra Making Strides in the Brazilian Agricultural Market

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to farmers globally, is working with Ceres Agrointeligencia in the Brazilian agriculture market. This Brazilian organization specializes in providing services and technological solutions for agribusiness. Dimitra and Ceres Agrointeligencia are exploring the Brazilian agricultural market, starting with the southern region of Brazil.

The south of Brazil is a leading agricultural producer in Brazil. It is responsible for 70% of the wheat and soybeans, 65% of the grapes, and 50% of the corn and rice produced. As well as cotton, sugarcane, oranges, and coffee production. Specifically, the first region Dimitra and Ceres Agrointeligencia are focusing on is Paraná, which is of more than 400,000 farms. It has dozens of cooperatives, some of which are the world’s largest.

Brazilian agriculture market

Ceres and Dimitra have been approved for the Inova Invest program within the Brazilian agriculture market. This program explores tools and technological solutions that help advance trade and traceability for trade export companies, international buyers, and national and foreign investors.

Invest Paraná, a company created to support local companies and new investments, is promoting the Inova Invest Program. Invest Paraná acts as a bridge between the government and private sectors, helping to collect data, provide information and make strategic decisions.

Building a Strong Ecosystem

With Invest Paraná and the Inova Invest Program, Dimitra and Ceres will build a strong ecosystem, allowing them to offer several services to farmers and agricultural institutions. In addition to the Connected Farmer app. It will help the farmers to produce more, services and market reports will be offered to companies and cooperatives.

Despite Paraná being a state with large, high tech farmers, tens of thousands still struggle to make ends meet. One of the first objectives of these organizations working together is to find a way to support projects that are strengthening these small farmers and regional agricultural products. These organizations will help these farmers by sharing knowledge and allowing farmers to offer traceability on their products.

Dimitra Incorporated

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Creating Opportunities for Farmers in Bolivia

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to smallholder farmers globally, is happy to announce its working with the Government of the State of Oruro, a public entity responsible for planning and executing programs and projects at the department of Oruro, Bolívia.

The Government of Oruro will be implementing Dimitra’s advanced technology to help develop the state’s agriculture. To improve production in terms of volume, productivity, and quality to achieve competitiveness in the market. Another goal of working together is to increase income for the farmers. And enable new learning opportunities pertaining to the production and management of their lands.

Dimitra and the Government of Oruro are building projects. And applying for international funds to help deploy Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform to all farmers in Oruro. AI and machine learning (ML) will be utilized as powerful tools to provide remote technical assistance to the farmers. And, in doing so, help them better understand their land. Traceability, pest control, and compliance with phytosanitary measures are also on the agenda for the farmers of Oruro.


There are hundreds of communities in Oruro dedicated to agricultural activities, mainly roots and tubers, and raising sheep, cattle, and llamas. In this order, the crops with the highest production are quinoa, alfalfa, and potato. In the department of Oruro, livestock farming is a fundamental activity for the population due to the existing climatic restrictions. And the low degree of integration into the economy and market exchange.

The governor, Dr. Vedia, mentions that one of the premises of his Government is to grant better conditions to farmers in addition to medium and small farmers of the different municipalities, a slogan that is strengthened with this type of inter-institutional agreement. By deploying Dimitra’s technologies, together. Dimitra and the Government of Oruro will strengthen the economic, social, and cultural development of farmers.

Subheading – Farmers in Bolivia

Armando, Dimitra’s Bolivian Sale Partner states, “the agreement signed with the Government of Oruro — Bolivia is of utmost importance for the agriculture of this region, particularly for the quinoa sector. Making information necessary for the soil preparation and improved agricultural practices will enhance performance greatly. With the technology that Dimitra offers, the farmers will be able to improve the productivity and economics of regional agriculture. We will also be supporting product development and soil care and avoiding and adapting to impacts due to climate change”.

“Working with the Department of Oruro allows us to help thousands of small farmers, bringing access to Dimitra’s technology through cooperation with the Government of Oruro,” says Diego Costa, Dimitra’s Latam Director.

Dimitra is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. Dimitra works with governments, farming cooperatives, ag corps, NGOs, and for-profit organizations. Through our data-driven approach, Dimitra helps farmers increase yield, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk. Dimitra believes that every smallholder farmer should, benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology regardless of economic standing.

The State Government of Oruro is an autonomous public entity with the mission to promote, stimulate. And coordinate the collective construction of productive, human, social, economic, territorial development. And the protection of the principles, rights, and duties to improve the well-being and QOL of the population. Supplying the sectors, through the execution of projects and programs in a timely, efficient, equitable and quality manner according to competencies determined by law with the efficient and transparent use of public resources in partnership with private initiative, facilitating new production processes.

Dimitra Incorporated

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Dimitra Collaborates on Digitization of the Colombian Panela (Sugar Cane) Sector

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its Dimitra Connected Farmer platform available to smallholder farmers globally, is working together with The National Federation of Panela Producers to help them achieve the modernization and sustainability of the sector.

The National Federation of Panela Producers, also known as Fedepanela, represents the entire Panela sector in Colombia. And knows the reality and needs of the sector, as it has been working for more than 45 years to develop the sector and empower the farmers.

What is Panela?

Panela (also known as Rapadura or Brown Sugar) is made from sugar cane. Panela sugar is an unrefined non-centrifugal sugar derived from sugar cane juice. And is characterized by its caramel-like colour and high molasses content. This sugar industry is comprised of mostly smallholder farmers. After coffee, the panela sector is the second largest agroindustry in social importance in Colombia. Operated by more than 350,000 families. The sector is present in 29 of the 32 states and more than 50% of the Cities in Colombia. It has a planted area of 206,479Ha, more than 75,000 farms, generating more than 377,805 jobs per year. The country supplies 10% of the world’s production of panela!

Dimitra will provide knowledge and technology to help revolutionize the Colombian Panela sector. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Drones and Satellite Images. Dimitra seeks to help farmers produce better quality yields with less cost and greater productive predictability.

Together, Fedepanela and Dimitra will deliver cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights to farmers. Allowing them access to information and guidelines that help improve their profitability in an increasingly sustainable way through Dimitra’s application.

The first step of working together will involve conducting a field test in the next few months. Since Panela is a product with a high social impact in Colombia, this partnership is expected to greatly reduce poverty, fight hunger in Colombia and other countries, and contribute to the increased Colombian GDP.

Last Subheading – Dimitra Colombian Panela Sector

Fernando Mahecha Aguilera, Dimitra’s Colombian Sales Partner, says, “Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Fedepanela and Dimitra Technology, represents Colombia’s entry into the use of agrotechnological techniques that will bring our agriculture, livestock, and fish farming to precision levels, raising the production, reducing costs and mitigating risks, achieving a quantum leap thanks to the democratization of knowledge in the rural sector for small and medium growers, which will provide them with better standards of living by taking them by the hand and directly to the agro-industrialization of its products, putting them in contact with international markets. Our “Connected Farmer” application is this and much more for our society and the rural world.”

The National Federation of Panela Producers of Colombia — Fedepanela, says, “We have decided to sign a Memorandum of understanding with Dimitra Technology because it is the best alternative that allows us to innovate in the sector, which enables us to enhance the productive and sustainable development of our producers.”

Dimitra is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. Dimitra works with governments, government agencies, NGOs, and for-profit organizations. The Dimitra platform is built on blockchain technology and incorporates mobile technology, machine learning, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced farming research. Through our data-driven approach, Dimitra helps farmers increase yields, reduces expenses, and mitigates risk. Dimitra believes that every smallholder farmer should benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology regardless of economic standing.

Fedepanela It is a non-profit union entity representing the Paneleros producers from all over Colombia. Its main objective is to promote the improvement of the standard of living of all the producers who work in the Panelero subsector, to make this activity competitive and profitable, defend the collective interests and the remunerative income of its members, as well as contribute to technological development, social, commercial and environmental aspects of the national rural sector.

Dimitra Incorporated

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Connecting Indonesian Coffee to the World

Dimitra Incorporated, a company on a mission to make its Dimitra Connected Farmer platform available to small holder farmers globally. Is excited to be working with Solok Radjo Cooperative, a Coffee Cooperative and farming community based in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Solok Radjo and Dimitra have signed an agreement to develop a solution. Accelerating the growth and profitability of Solok’s coffee to premium export markets. Demand for traceability and provenance in today’s coffee industry requires that the solution manages all areas of the extended supply chain — farming, collection, processing, and exporting.

Subheading – Indonesian Coffee Dimitra

Solok Radjo’s sustainability strategy has seen the development of an integrated agricultural ecosystem. As well as agroforestry, this ecosystem incorporates cattle as a source of dietary protein, domestic income generation, and fertilizer byproducts that are then spread on the coffee plantation.

By leveraging the power of the Dimitra ‘Connected Farmer’ application and dash board, vital information will be collected and added to the Dimitra block chain to provide immutable records of events for the traceability of Solok Radjo coffee for export to the United States, Australia, and Europe.

Dimitra brings a simple to use platform for the farmers and cooperative management. It is simple to use for them but a hugely powerful back end that will use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) to pull insights from tracked activities in the field. As well as generating the export documentation required to ship to end customers.

Solok Radjo Cooperative is a progressive social farming enterprise using environmentally friendly farm practices to nurture the land under crop. The cooperative motivates farmers to optimize the yields of their land. Farmers should be able to gain benefits from coffee farming while the cooperative process and market the coffee fruits. In addition, cattle are included in the eco system for human protein. Sales to domestic markets for diversified income and the manure is used on the plantations to boost soil health. Solok Radjo has 3300 farmers within the network of the cooperative and is looking to double their farmers in the next two years.

Indonesian Coffee Dimitra

Dimitra’s Indonesia Country Partner, Ricky Tanudibrata, said, “The Solok Radjo cooperative is an exciting opportunity to prove the effectiveness of the Dimitra Connected Farmer solution in Indonesia. This will open opportunities across Sumatra and Indonesia, which are enormous.”

‘Partnering with Dimitra is important for Solok Radjo to realize an integrated, data based, sustainable coffee. We are greatly looking forward to working with Dimitra’s Connected Farmer platform to provide a more structured approach to our production and to allow us to meet the requirements of our export partners while helping the environment and the lives of our cooperative community,” said Head of Solok Radjo project, Alfadriansyah (Adi).

Dimitra is a global Agtech company with a mission to help small holder farmers across the world. Dimitra works with governments, government agencies, NGOs, and for profit organizations. Through our data driven approach, Dimitra helps farmers increase yields, reduces expenses, and mitigates risk. Dimitra believes that every small holder farmer should benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology regardless of standing.

Solok Radjo Cooperative is a network of 3300 members producing coffee for domestic and export markets. The cooperative’s point of difference is their focus on agriculture and re forestry throughout the coffee growing activities. Protecting coffee plots with shade trees provides a buffer for soil erosion and prolongs the coffee cherry window. Solok Radjo — “coffee for the people and the earth.”

Dimitra Incorporated

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Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract

Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract. Dimitra Incorporated has been awarded a contract from the OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture.

The OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture is a not for profit established with the goal of enhancing farm productivity by regenerative farming with Agri-processing of Agri commodities, the conservation of biodiversity within a sustainable development frame work in India.

Dimitra Incorporated is a global technology company that provides an eco system of agricultural technology products. Aimed at advancing small holder farming performance. Through the use of mobile technology, IoT sensors, AI, block chain, satellite imagery and drones.

Subheading – Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract

This contract will focus on enhancing farming productivity while doubling farmers income through the application of digital technology. And regenerative farming methods in crop and live stock farming.

Jon Trask, Dimitra’s CEO says “We are excited to work with Dr. Pradeep Kagane and his team to collect data through a combination of mobile, sensor and satellite technology and then analyze the data with machine learning to quantify soil organic content across an area of 1.3 million farms.” Once the assessment phase is under way the teams will work on developing and implementing sustainable strategies. And actions to remediate the soil and transition farms to leading soil management practices.

Dr. Pradeep Kagane, GREAT-VET, National Technical Advisor says “Dimitra is the right combination of emerging technologies like satellite, AI, Blockchain, and DNA analytics to support small farmers across India. Our farmers will greatly benefit from Dimitra’s technology innovation.”

Dimitra Incorporated currently provides services in 47 countries, for more information please contact Jon Trask.

Dimitra Incorporated

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