Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract

Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract. Dimitra Incorporated has been awarded a contract from the OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture.

The OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture is a not for profit established with the goal of enhancing farm productivity by regenerative farming with Agri-processing of Agri commodities, the conservation of biodiversity within a sustainable development frame work in India.

Dimitra Incorporated is a global technology company that provides an eco system of agricultural technology products. Aimed at advancing small holder farming performance. Through the use of mobile technology, IoT sensors, AI, block chain, satellite imagery and drones.

Subheading – Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract

This contract will focus on enhancing farming productivity while doubling farmers income through the application of digital technology. And regenerative farming methods in crop and live stock farming.

Jon Trask, Dimitra’s CEO says “We are excited to work with Dr. Pradeep Kagane and his team to collect data through a combination of mobile, sensor and satellite technology and then analyze the data with machine learning to quantify soil organic content across an area of 1.3 million farms.” Once the assessment phase is under way the teams will work on developing and implementing sustainable strategies. And actions to remediate the soil and transition farms to leading soil management practices.

Dr. Pradeep Kagane, GREAT-VET, National Technical Advisor says “Dimitra is the right combination of emerging technologies like satellite, AI, Blockchain, and DNA analytics to support small farmers across India. Our farmers will greatly benefit from Dimitra’s technology innovation.”

Dimitra Incorporated currently provides services in 47 countries, for more information please contact Jon Trask.

Dimitra Incorporated

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