Dimitra awarded World Web3 & Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award

Dimitra Technology is the winner of the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category. This award recognizes start up companies or technology projects. These projects deliver block chain applications, protocols, or platforms that address block chain implementation challenges to business and governments.

Formerly known as the Enterprise Blockchain Awards. The Web3 & Block chain Transformation Awards (W3B Awards) recognize the exceptional leaders, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and service providers driving global block chain transformation. The awards honor those that have made a measurable difference within their ecosystems and across industries.

This year we received a record breaking number of submissions. These represent a diverse and international community of block chain researchers, leaders, innovators, builders, and service providers. After careful deliberation, the W3B Awards judging panel has shortlisted 35 finalists in eleven award categories.

Winners announced at the W3B Awards Gala in Toronto on November 8, 2022.

“We are excited to share that Dimitra Incorporated is the winner of the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category! Such amazing recognition for our team and community. Special thanks to Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott and the Blockchain Research Institute and MCI teams for putting on a world class event. Thank you to all of the Dimitra Technology team members. We could not have done it without you!” – Jon Trask

Dimitra’s platforms consist of Connected Farmer, Dimitra Livestock Guru and Connected Coffee. The platforms utilize block chain technology, incorporating mobile technology, machine learning, Internet of Things devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced farming research. Dimitra’s data driven approach helps farmers increase yield, reduce expenses and mitigate risk.


Dimitra Incorporated

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