Dimitra Connected Coffee

Dimitra’s Connected Coffee Platform provides end to end supply chain traceability, product quality management, agronomic performance management. Cherry and bean processing, and purchase order and warehouse management functionality. To all stake holders in the Global Coffee Value Chain. This enables growers and cooperatives to meet reporting requirements while collecting critical data to improve their farming and processing operations. Dimitra Connected Coffee differs from other solutions because it provides enterprise access control with specific role permissions for users such as grower, buying station, dry milling, warehouse, export and roaster. Dimitra Connected Coffee Youtube.

Functionality embedded in Dimitra Connected Farmer allows for data collection through the growing cycle. And is enabled with advice on best practices derived through agronomic research and supplemented with AI. Producing recommendations to increase yield, reduce cost and mitigate risk. Partnerships with several Universities and a large team of in house Agronomists can work with your agronomy team to deliver tuned advice to the farmers right on their mobile phone.

Each farm or cooperative also receives valuable satellite data reports and can take advantage of our drone imagery and spraying capabilities. Dimitra Connected Coffee provides for lot level traceability from the beginning of the process through delivery to the Roaster. This is supplemented with support for Organic, Fair Trade and other valuable certifications. We are currently testing methods to help farms and cooperatives measure carbon and submit for potential valuable Carbon Credits if supported in their regions. Our clients use Dimitra Connected Coffee to ensure that they are delivering the best quality. While with best practices and regulations allowing them to focus on the bigger picture and tell the story. Dimitra Connected Coffee Youtube.


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