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If centuries of agriculture have taught humanity anything. It is the fact that rich, bio diverse topsoil produces increased yield and increases the quality of the crop. Topsoil is considered the quintessential requirement for fruit full farming, forming the organic layer of the land composition and housing essential nutrients required for crop cultivation. Additionally, ninety-eight percent of the crops consumed grow on the upper 3 inches of topsoil. Dimitra APAC

However, in the last 100 years alone, the world has lost nearly 30 to 50 percent of its topsoil. Even across some tropical bio diversities such as southern Asia due to urbanization and sub standard agricultural practices. The integrity of the topsoil is of paramount importance to agriculturists worldwide. Which has become a global concern in the current day and age. These factors have cause soil erosion. Further degrading the quality of crops and the fertility of the land. “Due to improper soil management, productivity per acre of land diminishes,” says Jon Trask, Co-Founder and CEO of Dimitra, A data driven agriculture technology company. By ensuring efficient soil management, bolstered by healthy farming practices, Track’s business helps agriculturists thrive through precision farming. Thereby up holding the critical drivers of agriculture: Transparency, Sustainability, Traceability, and Provenance.

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Upon engaging with a farmer, Dimitra defines the farming goals of an agriculturist, which serves as a blue print for the company’s technological deployments. “Let us look at a pepper farmer growing jalapeno peppers, for example,” begins Trask. “There are definitive soil conditions and nutrients that are conducive to growing peppers, as is with any crop in the world across any geography. Ensuring these ideal conditions is the first step to farming.” Dimitra has developed a platform that takes into account these definitive farming goals to help farmers achieve two distinct objectives.

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