Dimitra is featured in CIO Review Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies 2021 Issue

Dimitra CIO Review – For small holder and family farmers, the biggest challenge is productivity. Even though this specific group is responsible for 70-80 percent of the worlds food. They still lack access to cutting edge technology and data driven inputs about soil, vegetation, and weather conditions. “The small holder and family farms are greatly underserved technologically and affected by climate change and in many cases extreme poverty. As an AgTech provider, we have designed a connected farmer platform to help the world’s 570 million small holder farmers,” says Jon Trask, Founder and CEO, Dimitra Incorporated.

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Founded in 2019, Dimitra applies advanced technology, including AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Satellite, to provide actionable data that help farmers and governments enrich economies through increased crop yields and healthier live stock. “We start with farm planning, work through soil preparation, planting, and crop management all the way down stream to market including export,” says Trask. Each farmer on the Dimitra platform receives Dimitra Points to incentivize their usage of the system. Rewarding behaviors which maximize farming results create an additional incentive to the farmer.

This increases farmers’ outputs while reducing their costs and/or mitigating their risks. The farmers can earn points by registering and managing live stock and crops, using the market place, and providing data. These points convert to Dimitra tokens. And utilized to purchase agricultural services from other members of the Dimitra Ecosystem. This synergistic usage assists in developing the businesses of eco system members. And creates a sustainable network economy within the eco system.

Dimitra CIO Review

Dimitra collects data from all feasible and practical sources to feed its machine learning and crop models. These models, each designed to preform specific tasks. Produce outputs in the form of recommendations on farm management, alerts, system triggers, and robotic control.

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