Dimitra is Featured in the Corporate Investment Times December 2021 Issue

Ten thousand years ago, the earliest farmers would forego herding live stock to stay home
and raise crops. Today’s modern small holder farmer must often grow crops, manage live stock, and hold down a full time job. It made sense to Jon Trask when a client once asked him if it could track live stock. Having worked on hundreds of projects in the food and consumer goods supply chain industry, he saw a gap in the $8.5 trillion global agri-business industry. He learned that there are 608 million farms in the world. Smallholder farmers account for 570 million of them but contribute one-third of the world’s food. That’s 3 billion subsistence farmers with a few acres of land. Dimitra Corporate Investment Times

Satellite Solutions: Giving Farmers a View from Above Satellites orbit at an altitude of about 36,000 km above the Earth’s surface. This technology offers many opportunities for data driven agriculture. Having the availability of satellite data on registered farms provides powerful monitoring and control capabilities that farmers previously lacked. The Dimitra platform integrates with national business registration databases, which provide a wealth of farm information. This information is coupled with satellite data and analyzed to provide actionable data for farmers to utilize and set smart and sustainable goals for their farms. Dimitra uses dozens of machine learning models to assist with analytics. Their platform uses geo fencing, which also makes weather tracking possible. This information can be combined with all types of animal and crop information to improve yields, increasing profits.

Preventing the Costly Problem of Cattle Rustling – Dimitra Corporate Investment Times

Stolen live stock is one of the biggest challenges facing the Asian and African agricultural industries. As a result, multiple countries around the globe have adopted the Dimitra plat form to help solve their live stock problems. Thieves steal millions of cattle every year on farms globally. Unfortunately, it is easy for them to remove live stock IDs and create false documents. Dimitra’s solution solves the problem by encrypting breeder data and animal registration on the block chain. To avoid removing the animal’s identifying information, sensor based technology is placed in the animal’s rumen. Or a tag based technology hidden under the animal’s skin. An affordable identifier for determining ownership of cattle at a border crossing is a nose print or photographing the animal’s nose.

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