Dimitra Making Strides in the Brazilian Agricultural Market

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to farmers globally, is working with Ceres Agrointeligencia in the Brazilian agriculture market. This Brazilian organization specializes in providing services and technological solutions for agribusiness. Dimitra and Ceres Agrointeligencia are exploring the Brazilian agricultural market, starting with the southern region of Brazil.

The south of Brazil is a leading agricultural producer in Brazil. It is responsible for 70% of the wheat and soybeans, 65% of the grapes, and 50% of the corn and rice produced. As well as cotton, sugarcane, oranges, and coffee production. Specifically, the first region Dimitra and Ceres Agrointeligencia are focusing on is Paraná, which is of more than 400,000 farms. It has dozens of cooperatives, some of which are the world’s largest.

Brazilian agriculture market

Ceres and Dimitra have been approved for the Inova Invest program within the Brazilian agriculture market. This program explores tools and technological solutions that help advance trade and traceability for trade export companies, international buyers, and national and foreign investors.

Invest Paraná, a company created to support local companies and new investments, is promoting the Inova Invest Program. Invest Paraná acts as a bridge between the government and private sectors, helping to collect data, provide information and make strategic decisions.

Building a Strong Ecosystem

With Invest Paraná and the Inova Invest Program, Dimitra and Ceres will build a strong ecosystem, allowing them to offer several services to farmers and agricultural institutions. In addition to the Connected Farmer app. It will help the farmers to produce more, services and market reports will be offered to companies and cooperatives.

Despite Paraná being a state with large, high tech farmers, tens of thousands still struggle to make ends meet. One of the first objectives of these organizations working together is to find a way to support projects that are strengthening these small farmers and regional agricultural products. These organizations will help these farmers by sharing knowledge and allowing farmers to offer traceability on their products.

Dimitra Incorporated

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