Dimitra partners with Ocean Protocol: 100 million small farmers globally to benefit from data sharing and monetization

Ocean Protocol, the decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI and business innovation, has entered into a partner ship with Dimitra, a technology company guided by the mission to deliver technology to help farmers around the globe improve operations and deliver higher yields.

Dimitra’s software plat form leverages advanced technology to provide farmers with data and its current adoption is targeted at 100 million small holder farmers by the end of 2025. Addressing the crucial need for insightful data to further the growth of the agricultural eco system, the aim of this partner ship is to mitigate operational and financial problems and deliver relevant, valuable data driven information to farmers globally.

As part of the collaboration. Ocean’s Web3 capabilities will be employed to enable data sharing and monetization for small farmers around the world. The organizations will work to achieve this by introducing Ocean Market to Dimitra eco system members and on boarding them. Ocean Market is an out of the box, privacy preserving, intuitive data marketplace for the secure sharing and monetization of data. By publishing, and selling their data in the Ocean Market. Small farmers can add an extra layer of revenue to their operations. And the global agricultural eco system will benefit from the exchange of vital datasets.

Subheading – Dimitra Ocean Protocol

To enable greater food security globally and productivity. Dimitra’s goal is to place technology in the hands of millions of small farmers around the world. With the help of Dimitra’s soft ware platform. Allowing them to make informed decisions to increase yield, reduce cost and mitigate risk. As of 2021Dimitra’s additional objectives include advancing AgTech innovation and securing operational grants. For developing countries around the world to enable participation in the Dimitra Ecosystem.

Bruce Pon, Ocean Protocol Co-Founder, shares his thoughts on the collaboration:

“Actionable data will be a game changer for current farming methods. Ocean Protocol is joining forces with Dimitra to scale up Ocean Market adoption. And help towards growing the global economy and ensure food security.”

Jon Trask, Dimitra CEO adds:

“Farmers and cooperatives in the Dimitra eco system produce a great deal of valuable data regarding soil conditions, crop conditions, animal health, seed performance and the extended food chain. This partner ship provides Dimitra eco system farmers with a second source of revenue through the monetization of their data, and reinforces the value of agricultural digitization to increase crop yields, reduce costs and mitigate risks to their farms.”

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a data exchange platform spear heading the movement to unlock a new Data Economy, break down data silos, and open access to quality data. Ocean’s marketplace technology allows data to be published, discovered. And consumed in a secure, privacy manner By giving power back to data owners. Ocean resolves the trade off between using private data and its public exposure.

About Dimitra

Dimitra’s mission is to place technology in the hands of millions of small farmers around the world. By doing so, Dimitra aims to enhance and therefore the lives of farmers, improve food safety, and enable greater food security around the world.

Dimitra Incorporated

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