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Ocean Protocol, the Web3 platform to unlock data for AI and business innovation, and AgTech company Dimitra, host an agricultural data competition. Derive insights that maximize crop yield, suggest ways to improve the data, ways to monetize it, and identify algorithms that can be used for analysis. Ocean Dimitra Bounty

DetailsThe competition is divided into two phases, with a total prize pool of $15,000 USD payable in OCEAN + DMTR tokens. All valid* entries submitted will receive an award of 250 OCEAN tokens.
In each phase, the evaluation panel will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, a Community Choice Award, and ten Honorable Mentions. Entry is open to all interested participants and DOES NOT require testing or training of algorithms on the data presented.
Prizes Phase 1: $5,000 USD (payable in OCEAN + DMTR)1st place: $1,500 2nd place: $1,000 3rd place: $500 Community Award: $1,000 Honorable Mentions (10x): $100
Prizes Phase 2: $10,000 USD (payable in OCEAN + DMTR)1st place: $3,000 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000 Community Award: $2,000 Honorable Mentions (10x): $200

Phase 1: Ideation – Ocean Dimitra Bounty

Entry submission dead line: August 12, 2022
Participants may use any one of the nine data sets provided to derive in sights, or multiple data sets to identify correlations between them and provide aggregate in sights.
Participants should submit a well documented report containing a descriptive summary of the idea and details explaining how the idea can be executed. The report shall include charts, schematics, and diagrams as evidence. It shall present findings on valuable patterns and trends, and indication on how to exploit them to maximize crop yields and/or minimize risks.

Datasets Phase 1

Using the Polygon network or the ETH network. You will need to hold small amounts of MATIC or ETH tokens to cover gas fees. We encourage you to use the Polygon network and If you don’t hold MATIC. We are happy send you enough to cover gas fees if you access the following link: https://bit.ly/3cptXsd
Datasets on Polygon network:

  1. Digital Elevation Model (687.97 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-1
  2. Crop Statistics (1.02 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-2
  3. Crop Sowing Season (3.96 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-3
  4. Agriculture Information (15.81 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-4
  5. Vegetation Index (743.58 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-5
  6. Shape Files (451.55 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-6
  7. Soil Data (194.94): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-7
  8. Weather Data Monthly (2.79 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-8
  9. Weather Data Hourly (478.26 MiB): https://bit.ly/dimitra1-9

Datasets on ETH network

  1. Digital Elevation Model (687.97 MiB): https://bit.ly/3B7XvVA
  2. Crop Statistics (1.02 MiB): https://bit.ly/3cwcSg8
  3. Crop Sowing Season (3.96 MiB): https://bit.ly/3aVdxHy
  4. Agriculture Information (15.81 MiB): https://bit.ly/3olECXu
  5. Vegetation Index (743.58 MiB): https://bit.ly/3OrJapU
  6. Shape Files (451.55 MiB): https://bit.ly/3yTNU1P
  7. Soil Data (194.94): https://bit.ly/3cvCiuy
  8. Weather Data Monthly (2.79 MiB): https://bit.ly/3yZnRGw
  9. Weather Data Hourly (478.26 MiB): https://bit.ly/3crZtWw

Phase 2: Algorithms, Analytics, Narratives & Reports

Entry submission deadline: TBA at the conclusion of Phase 1
The goal of this phase is to create algorithms that can be used to analyze data that will be provided specifically for Phase 2. The newly created algorithms will be published on the Ocean Market using the Compute-To-Data feature to derive new insights, and generate narratives and reports. Participants who are not able to create algorithms may also create analytics, reports and narratives by analyzing the data independently or by using the algorithms published in this phase.
The start of Phase 2 will be announced at the conclusion of Phase 1, after Phase 1 winners are announced. Participants will receive updated information about competition requirements and links to the data available for this phase.

A panel of evaluators from Ocean and Dimitra will independently review. And rank submission entries selecting 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The evaluation panel will select ten additional entries as Honorable Mentions.

Evaluation Criteria & Scoring – Ocean Dimitra Bounty

Web 3 Requirements: Wallet, Network, Tokens

To enter the competition and submit your entries using the Questbook platform you will need to have a Metamask wallet with the Polygon network set up. You will also need to hold a small amount of MATIC tokens to cover gas fees. If you don’t hold MATIC, we are happy send you enough to cover gas fees if you follow this link and provide your wallet information.

How to Enter the Competition:

Click Apply For Grant and use your Metamask wallet to log into Questbook. You will access complete bounty details and will be able to enter your submissions.

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