Ocean Protocol and Dimitra announce Data Challenge Ideation Phase

We present the winners of the Ocean x Dimitra Data Challenge Ideation Phase! Ocean Protocol Dimitra

Out of a prize pool of $5000, the rewards distributed in this phase are: 1st place $1,500, 2nd place: $1,000, 3rd place: $500, Community Award: $1,000, and 5 honorable mentions: $500

Dive in: https://twitter.com/oceanprotocol/status/1564191375721398272


Subheading – Ocean Protocol Dimitra

Dimitra Incorporated is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. Dimitra works with governments, government agencies, NGOs, and for-profit organizations. The Dimitra platform is built on blockchain technology. And incorporates mobile technology, machine learning, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced farming research. Through our data driven approach, Dimitra helps farmers increase yields, reduces expenses, and mitigates risk. Dimitra believes that every smallholder farmer, regardless of economic standing, should benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology.

By 2050 we will need to feed 9.7 billion people. In 2021, over 1 billion people go to bed hungry everyday, in the past five years this problem is growing, not reducing. One third of the world’s population are smallholder farmers, operating subsistence level farms, typically smaller than 5 hectares and struggling to produce enough food to feed their own family.  In G20 nations, farmers have access to technology that helps them operate their farm as a commercial enterprise, greatly exceeding their own family’s needs and allowing them to supply food to hundreds of people. There is certainly a significant divide which needs to be closed.

At Dimitra we are on a mission to make our technology available to smallholder farmers globally.  We believe that every smallholder farmer, regardless of economic standing, should benefit from simple, beautiful and useful technology. Because when farmers thrive, entire economies thrive. 

Dimitra Incorporated

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