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We are excited to share that our CEO and Founder Jon Trask is the winner of the 2023 Government Blockchain Association Annual Achievement Award in the “Social Impact” Category!

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Global Operating System for Agtech

Dimitra is leading the industry with our advanced Livestock Genetics Management Platform. The platform tracks animal parentage using DNA information because progeny impacts an animal's worth. Determining parentage and recessive carrier status is one of the benefits of genomics research, which is underutilized in many areas of the world. The system is improving reproductive selection within herds to achieve higher quality and healthier livestock products.

Dimitra is providing simple, actionable methods to track animal parentage through DNA to increase the value of each animal in the market. The Dimitra platform is expanding to include new features and supported animals. The Livestock Genetics Management Platform supports cattle, poultry, and goats. Dimitra will add sheep, swine, and horses to our system in future versions.

Our Advanced Connected Farmer Platform allows for the additions of the following functionalities:

Sensor Management Module

Genetics Module

Satellite & Weather

Knowledge Garden

Online Agricultural Marketplace

Track, Trace, and Export Documents

Bank Loan and Insurance Application

Government Service Desk

Anti Cattle Rustling

Deforestation Module

Agricultural Counterfeiting 

Dimitra’s Connected Coffee is the all-in-one app enabling coffee farmers, cooperatives, and traders to grow and distribute premium quality coffee worldwide.
The platform is a smart farming and supply chain management solution that tracks the movement of coffee from cultivation through distribution. Dimitra Connected Coffee is grower, buyer, dry milling and supply chain focused, enabling farmers to increase their revenue while increasing the productivity and accuracy of buying or collecting stations, drying stations, and warehouses. Dimitra Connected Coffee is a multi-stakeholder platform that can be used by all actors in the value chain for track and trace, resource optimization and productivity maximization.
Organizations like the Solok Radjo cooperative in Indonesia are using Connected Coffee to manage and improve their coffee value chain to increase their profitability.
Dimitra Connected Coffee seamlessly integrates and streamlines the supply chain to ensure the quality of your coffee beans and prove compliance with global food safety regulations - allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and tell the story behind your coffee beans. Identify right back to the grower with every cup.

The EU is banning the importation of the following products when they are linked to deforestation: Palm oil, cattle, soy, coffee, cocoa, timber, rubber, beef, paper, chocolate, and furniture. The new regulation requires that products cannot be imported into Europe if they have been sourced from a farm that has been involved in deforestation after December 2020. So what does this mean? Consumer goods companies, importers, and farmers need to certify their compliance with these new laws to continue to trade into the EU.

Dimitra offers a Deforestation Certification Module making deforestation assessment  accessible to companies proving their compliance with the new regulations.

Using satellite and machine learning, the platform detects whether or not a plot of land was deforested and generates a certificate of compliance written to the blockchain. GPS Track and trace is required to prove compliance with the new EU regulations by being able to show that the product was registered and came directly from the farm.

Contact Dimitra today to assess the impact on your business, plan for these impending changes and secure your supply chain.


The DMTR token provides a catalyst that drives the ever-expanding Connected Farmer ecosystem.

Dimitra launched a digital token to accelerate achieving our mission, enriching the lives of small to medium-size farmers everywhere, and to grow economies around the world.

Token holders help drive platform growth, ecosystem development, and expedite the delivery of our app to millions of farmers. Our token delivers great utility within our ecosystem and the ongoing growth of our platform will create a compounding effect on the network for years to come.


$DMTR is an exchange-base utility token created on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Transactions are always verifiable and transparent via Etherscan and the Ethereum blockchain.

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