Dimitra Deforestation Compliance

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The Problem

Over 100 countries have committed to eradicating deforestation by 2030. The EU has taken one of the first major steps in achieving this goal by publishing a law banning the importation of 7 commodities linked to deforestation

Legislation has been applied on Cattle, soy beans, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, and timber.

Companies that want to continue to sell these products into the EU or export from the EU need to prove that their products are not linked to deforestation. Traders and agriculture operators won't be allowed to place commodities and products on the Union market nor export them without prior submission of a due diligence statement.

The Solution

Dimitra offers deforestation certification for farmers, traders, operators and consumer packaged goods companies to ensure every shipment is compliant and meets the regulatory demands.

A combination of satellite analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mobile technology allows operators to detect deforestation, prove compliance, and reduce the risk of fraud.

  • Deforestation satellite monitoring on a regional level
  • Satellite deforestation mapping of origin farm 
  • Product track and trace with GPS records for farm of origin.
  • Generate a compliance certificate for each shipment that certifies no deforestation and origin of each lot of product. 
  • Integrate with existing systems such as an ERP.
  • All farming activities and certificates can be recorded on blockchain for immutability

This process is completely dependent on blockchain and the Dimitra token.

Dimitra receives a deforestation certificate request from a customer, We take a payment for the request in fiat, we pay the necessary government filing fees in fiat. The balance is immediately converted by our treasury in DMTR to generate the certificate and process the relevant transactions to the blockchain via the Dimitra DApp. Then we burn the tokens, recording the entire process on our blockchain based platform for compliance.

Download our guide to help get you up to speed on the regulation requirements and how you can prepare.

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    If you are a consumer goods company and would like a risk assessment or to license our application, please reach out.