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2022 Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award Winner

We are so excited to share that Dimitra Technology is the winner of the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category! Such amazing recognition for our team & community.

The Digital Transformation of the Colombian Agricultural Industry

Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company, is on a mission to make technology available for farmers worldwide. As a result, Dimitra has signed a technical agreement with the Uniagraria University of Colombia. Uniagraria is one of Colombia’s most recognized universities...

Dimitra is a finalist for the Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award, in the Industry Solutions subcategory!

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) and MCI Canada are excited to announce the finalists of the 2022 Web3 and Blockchain Transformation Awards. Winners will be announced at the W3B Awards Gala on Nov. 8, 2022 in Toronto as part of...


Dimitra: Our Namesake

Dimitra is a unique name. It was chosen as a nod to ancient mythology. In Greek culture, Demeter, or Dimitra, is the Goddess of Agriculture, responsible for bringing knowledge on how to cultivate the land and credited for producing successful harvests. This idea of providing resources to increase growth for farmers is aligned beautifully with our company, Dimitra.


Dimitra drone app and platform to help Libyan farmers become better agriculturalists

Agricultural drones using the Dimitra Connected Farmer App and Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform can provide advanced capabilities and drone data insights for Libyan farmers, Maged Elmontaser, Dimitra Incorporated MENA Regional Director explained to Libya Herald.


Brewing Up a Revolution: the Importance of Women in the Coffee Industry

In underdeveloped countries around the world, women make up an average of 45% of the agricultural workforce. Women-run farming operations provide essential income for families combating poverty and lend to the economic needs of developing communities.


Dairy Performance and its Relationship to Feed Management

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that the milk consumption rate per capita has doubled in developing countries since the 1960s and continues to grow. Dairy is a high-demand global industry with intense labor requirements, but it also offers major economic benefits. Developing countries could benefit greatly from these economic benefits but often lack the advanced technology...


Quinoa in Bolivia

Our latest Case Study is out! With Dimitra's Connected Farmer Platform and other agriculture technology tools, farmers in Bolivia can advance their understanding and practices to improve quinoa crops.


Dimitra is nominated for the Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award

Formerly known as the Enterprise Blockchain Awards, the Web3 & Blockchain Transformation Awards (W3B Awards) recognize the exceptional leaders, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and service providers driving global blockchain transformation. Now in their fourth year, the awards honor those that have made a measurable difference within their ecosystems and across industries.