Connected Coffee

Coffee Growing, Quality Management, Dry Milling, and supply chain traceability for farmers, cooperatives, and traders to produce and distribute premium quality coffee.

Connected Coffee streamlines the coffee value chain for farmers, buying stations, dry-mills, and global buyers by speeding up and improving data collection and sharing, quality assurance, coffee processing, cupping, and more.

Collect item, lot control, tracking, and quality data to oversee the entire production process from farm to distribution. Detailed critical event tracking to collect, analyze, and generate reports to make informed decisions.

Connected Coffee is a multi-stakeholder platform that has interfaces for farmers, cooperatives buying stations, dry milling, warehouses, exporters and importers for track and trace, resource optimization and increasing productivity.

Exporters and Importers

Real time track and trace on coffee beans throughout different levels of the supply chain ensures your operation is transparent and credible - attracting more customers looking for safe, premium quality coffee.

A cloud based that easily integrates with your existing tools and industry or enterprise systems.


Farmers & Cooperatives

Coffee farmers around the world are dealing with the consistent challenge of meeting certification and export requirements. Connected Coffee helps cooperatives understand and meet different food safety and growing requirements, and tracks the process end-to-end, allowing farmers and cooperatives to meet market demands and increase profitability.

Farmers and cooperatives are now able to digitally track every step of the production process, and instantly connect customers with detailed coffee batch information.

“Partnering with Dimitra is important for Solok Radjo to realize an integrated, data-based, sustainable coffee enterprise. Working with Dimitra's Connected Coffee platform will provide a more structured approach to our production and to allow us to meet our export partner’s requirements while helping the environment and ultimately the lives of our cooperatives community.” - Head of Solok Radjo Project, Alfadriansyah.

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Buying Stations

Buyers can simplify the procurement process and reduce the time it takes to process purchase orders and pay farmers on time.

Accurately grade coffee batches coming into the buying station to make better purchase decisions. 

Drying Station & Warehouse

Real time production and quality reports for better visibility and traceability throughout the process.

Item and batch level details of all products throughout the warehouse. Monitor and manage all incoming and outgoing orders for a more efficient storage system and faster processing times.

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