Connected Farmer App

Expanding on the successful launch of our web & mobile platform, we have a vision to democratize access to farming technology by making our “Connected Farmer” mobile application available to farmers in need globally. Our “Connected Farmer” platform provides a variety of functionalities to support a farmer running a small business.

Web & Mobile - Android, IoS

Accessibility is the key, native applications improve performance. Some functionality is available via text message.

Emerging Technologies

We start with basic data collection and allow farmers to add in modules for sensor management, satellite analysis, genetic analysis, farm management, marketplace, etc..

Our platform is available in a traditional web/mobile format or in an enhanced blockchain format.

Multi Language

We are implementing in several nations and setting up in a variety of Nations. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Nepalese and Indonesian. Languages coming soon will include Mandarin, Bengali, Ukrainian, Kiswahili, Russian, Amharic.

Our web version has language compatibility options so that browsers can translate screens.

If you are a government looking to implement, we can easily localize the platform, your flag or logo, your language, connections to your local systems.

Platform Module Components

Crop Insurance

- protect against drought, flood, pests payouts based on indices visible by satellite or government reports

Freight Insurance

- extend insurance to the shipments of your products
  • Register your farm and record critical farming operations. 
  • Setup geo fences, set your crop and livestock goals, schedule maintenance, register invoices.
  • KYF - Know your farm and farmer.  Critical base to help improve farm operations.
  • Track crop inputs, fertilizer & phytosanitary applications, seed inputs and crop yield.
  • Incorporate field level sensors and integrated satellite imaging to provide data and artificial intelligence based analytics which truly impact annual yields.
  • Add in satellite analytics, regular crop market reports and the ability to access via the web or our app. 
  • Tracking the value chain of your livestock including birth, vaccinations, illnesses, sale, abattoir, export and logistics is critical to maximize weight, minimize risk and get the best price. 
  • Our platform makes sensor integration easy to track identity, temperature and pH.
  • We incorporate DNA testing for animal health. All available on the web or through our app. 

Advanced Farming Modules

Finding it difficult to deploy sensors and truly receive insight on how to use the data?

Let us make it easy for you with plug and play sensor configuration and simple gateways setup. We use many commercially available sensors. All connected to provide reporting and feedback with our easy to use application.

Are you wondering about the utilization of DNA testing to manage your breeding programs? How about DNA as a predictor of animal health? How Genetics plays a role in beef and milk production?

Let our genomics platform make genomics easy for your farm, business or government.

Ever wondered how to use satellite imagery to improve farming operations?  

Through our partnerships we can monitor crop health and deliver valuable insight to farmers around the world to help improve crop operations.

Interpreting all of the data available on your farm can be a challenge.  We have machine learning models which generate real insight to help your farm.

Increase yield while reducing cost and risk. Increase your top line while reducing the bottom line.  

We have partnered with Morpheus.Network to include their blockchain based national and export health certificate and supply chain automation within our platform and provide this service to farmers and governments.

This module includes Regulatory, Trade and Supply Chain documents, Cold Chain Tracking using IoT. Smart Contracts and Blockchain Notary provide a trusted and tamper proof “Digital Footprint”.

Do you offer bank loans or insurance to farmers?

Our platform allows you to process loan applications online or via mobile application.

Once processed we can monitor the performance of farms crops or livestock and help you mitigate risk to the capital provided.

Ask us how you can reduce your claims and fraud with Dimitra. 

Are you looking to digitize your services provided to corporations and farmers?  

Our platform allows the setup and integration of services such as:- permit applications- farm registration-inspection registration- funding applications- grant applications-forestry applications- pesticide applications.

RFID tags and brands are ineffective at preventing the sale of your cattle when they are stolen.  Fake documentation is too easy to produce. Placing our cryptographic sensor in the rumen of a cow will identify that cow for the rest of its natural life.  If your cow is ever stolen we can identify it.

We work with governments to place antennas at abattoirs, livestock markets, border crossings and other key points. These antennas will communicate the identity of any cow that does not belong and send a warning to the farmer or authorities.  

Agriculture and Forestry are intertwined. Many nations are struggling to manage deforestation.

We have a module that can measure change in forests on a farm by farm or legal parcel basis.  Receive reports on each plot of land with visual and percentage of forest coverage.  Use this info with business permits, forestry permits and land use permits.

Farmers globally are challenged by agricultural inputs counterfeiting.  Criminals misrepresent or replace high-quality seed, agrochemicals and fertilizer.

Counterfeit products range from benign fake or adulterated materials to banned substances that are harmful to crops or health.

In developing nations this type of misrepresentation can amplify the problem of a lack of investment on agro-inputs.

Our platform provides for a unique serialization and packaging, coupled with appropriate security measures can reduce agro-input counterfeiting.

We can help you develop processes to integrate technology into your government.