Dimitra Connected Coffee

Dimitra’s Connected Coffee is the all-in-one app enabling coffee farmers, cooperatives, and traders to grow and distribute premium quality coffee worldwide.
The platform is a smart farming and supply chain management solution that tracks the movement of coffee from cultivation through distribution. Dimitra Connected Coffee is grower, buyer, dry milling and supply chain focused, enabling farmers to increase their revenue while increasing the productivity and accuracy of buying or collecting stations, drying stations, and warehouses. Dimitra Connected Coffee is a multi-stakeholder platform that can be used by all actors in the value chain for track and trace, resource optimization and productivity maximization.
Organizations like the Solok Radjo cooperative in Indonesia are using Connected Coffee to manage and improve their coffee value chain to increase their profitability.
Dimitra Connected Coffee seamlessly integrates and streamlines the supply chain to ensure the quality of your coffee beans and prove compliance with global food safety regulations – allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and tell the story behind your coffee beans. Identify right back to the grower with every cup.

Dimitra Incorporated

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