Dimitra Deforestation Platform

The EU is banning the importation of the following products when they are linked to deforestation: Palm oil, cattle, soy, coffee, cocoa, timber, rubber, beef, paper, chocolate, and furniture. The new regulation requires that products cannot be imported into Europe if they have been sourced from a farm that has been involved in deforestation after December 2020. So what does this mean? Consumer goods companies, importers, and farmers need to certify their compliance with these new laws to continue to trade into the EU.

Dimitra offers a Deforestation Certification Module making deforestation assessment  accessible to companies proving their compliance with the new regulations.

Using satellite and machine learning, the platform detects whether or not a plot of land was deforested and generates a certificate of compliance written to the blockchain. GPS Track and trace is required to prove compliance with the new EU regulations by being able to show that the product was registered and came directly from the farm.

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