NFT Highlights

NFTs will be released in tranches of 1,000 and 100% of the proceeds of this investment will be provided to the farmer in the following goods and services:

  • Quality seedlings and the required fertilizer to plant them on their farm.
  • Labor to assist the farmer with tree planting.
  • Windbreak trees
  • Agronomic support from OMA to maximize the chance of success.
  • Dimitra Connected Farmer application to track the tree lifecycle and provide reporting to their supporting NFT holders.
  • Access to the Dimitra Marketplace and additional Sales and Marketing support to secure top rates for the future avocados produced.
  • Track and Trace support to meet regulatory requirements for export, allowing farmers to export their avocados, presenting improved revenue.
  • Annual IoT soil testing and analysis with tree care recommendations.
  • IoT avocado quality testing to demonstrate product quality to buyers.
  • Assistance with applying for carbon credits based on the storage of carbon by the avocado trees and cover crops.
  • Annual education regarding agricultural best practices and automated recommendations from the Connected Farmer Platform.

The extended platform will be developed as a fully automated Web3 platform that provides many digital financial instruments supported by DMTR, enabled digitally by Dimitra’s platforms, and delivered by Ecosystem partners like OMA.

Dimitra Incorporated

New Horizon Building, 3-1/2 Miles Philip S.W. Goldson Highway, Belize City