Livestock Guru

Transform your cattle and farm data into insights that help you make more and spend less. Reduce record-keeping time and make data-driven decisions across your farm!


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Livestock Guru is the all in one platform that empowers livestock farmers to increase their profitability of their businesses for generations to come.

  • Optimize costs and production inputs
  • Improve genetic and reproductive selection
  • Increasing the value of the dairy and beef cattle
  • Improve generational livestock genetics, streamline the protein value chain and solve problems related to animal life cycle traceability.
  • Reduce malnourishment and poverty, alleviate food security issues.

Livestock Guru stores the information of all the registered farms in real time. The system can handle any number of farms, all of which are managed in a centralized location.

Organizations can register and manage farms, monitor farm assets and products as well as the farm's registration info such as licenses and permits.

  • Manage farm performance
  • Farm product management
  • Make real time decisions
  • Work across multiple farms in real time

Livestock Guru collects information on the animal's entire life cycle, combines it with the data available from genetically-mapped animals, and applies artificial Intelligence to help farmers maximize results, avoid diseases, and improve productivity and reproductive rates.

  • Animal Lifecycle Management
  • Cattle reproduction management
  • Improve genetic selection 
  • Increase milk production
  • Improve herd productivity and genetic value
  • Real time production management

Reduce record keeping time and eliminate inaccurate data due to human error. Cattle farmers can transform their data into actionable insights.

Livestock Guru keeps all animal veterinary and treatment records to track the animal’s treatment health throughout its lifecycle.

  • Identification
  • Cattle Inventory
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Basic Genetics
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Veterinary activity log
  • Maintain health and treatment records

Livestock Guru helps to maintain animal vaccination and treatment response records including:

  • Vaccination type
  • Drug Withdrawal period
  • Dosage
  • Vaccine tracking information
  • Vaccine administration

Meet your breeding and genetic performance objectives while enhancing conception rates and ensuring healthy calves and cows. 

  • Improve reproductive performance of the herd
  • Create and manage breeding plans
  • Record EBDs and EPVs for genetic scoring
  • Record pedigree and progeny information
  • Genetic selection to improve your breed

Livestock guru helps dairy farmers manage the feed distribution across the feedlots, record feed delivery results, and manage basic tasks like checking bins, checking animals, and recording the data. The system helps calculate average daily consumption and predict when they need to refill the bin. 

  • Optimize feed ration planning and distribution
  • Create feed recipes based on real cattle nutrition needs
  • Keep track of daily feed usage
  • Predict your feed supply and avoid running out or buying feed at a premium

Animal traceability at the click of a button. Get an in depth look at all of your cattle’s movements and transfers for better inventory management, rotational grazing, and tracking of potential disease spread among your herds.

  • Supports electronic IDs and cattle health monitoring tags
  • Detailed movement history
  • Purchase and sales information
  • Cattle activity monitoring

Reduce the effect of heat stress and other extreme weather conditions on your herds and pasture. Built-in weather forecasts and reports help you make decisions on when to house your cattle or let them free-roam, and helps you better manage your pasture and feed planning. 

  • Local weather stations for accurate predictions 
  • Analyze the effect of the climate on your animals and land
  • Make roaming and housing decisions with up to date weather data