Our Roadmap

Dimitra has ambitious and impactful goals. Our goal is to grow our platform to 100 million smallholder farmer users within the next 4-years. We already have agreements with 8 countries. To achieve our ambitious goal we have several key business strategies:

5-Year Roadmap (2021 – 2026)

  • Deliver our “Connected Farmer Platform” to 50+ countries
    • 2021 have agreements in place with 10 Countries
    • 2022 have agreements in place with 20 Countries
    • 2023 have agreements with 30 Countries
  • Develop our SaaS platform and make it available directly to farmers through government, corporate or NGO subscription model (Q1 2022).
  • Provide ecosystem grants to enable ecosystem partners to deliver Dimitra technology in their country or region.
    • 2022 – 100 Ecosystem Partners
    • 2023 – 200 Ecosystem Partners
  • Provide incubator grants and venture capital to innovative technology creators in developing nations.
  • Provide Staking and Rewards programs for Token Network Members and agricultural ecosystem partners which rewards our loyal token holders and provides an incentivization mechanism for long term participation.
  • Continue sales and development of advanced agtech features which generate revenue through sales at corporations and governments(marketplace, genetics, sensor analytics, etc.).
Dimitra Incorporated

New Horizon Building, 3-1/2 Miles Philip S.W. Goldson Highway, Belize City