Risk Assessment

Supply chains sending these products to Europe are at risk. Many of the listed commodities entering the EU can be traced back to deforestation. Before the law is put into full effect, operators need to assess the level of risk they are in by understanding the prevalence of deforestation in the areas their products come from. 

Our satellite and agronomy team assesses your supply chain and identifies high-risk areas to help you make the right decisions.

We help you mitigate risks of trade disruption by finding and assessing deforestation zones in your supply chain

  • Consultation to identify which areas in the region have deforestation
  • Complete due diligence to ensure origin farms are deforestation free
  • Identify areas in the region where there is no deforestation to shift production

Agriculture companies can use Dimitra’s platform to mark the geo-location of the origin farm at the time of harvest and automatically produce a deforestation map of the area to certify no deforestation before the shipments are prepared. 

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