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Dimitra Releases New Farmer Sponsorship Program

Hello Dimitra Community, We hope you are well and are having a great 2023 so far. We appreciate your support, and we’re amazed at how many in our community have staked their tokens, indicating tremendous support for what we are...

Battling deforestation with the help of blockchain and AgTech

Blockchain technology has long been a part of the revolution in global supply chain management and the agricultural business. However, as the world continues to face the adverse effects of global warming and the increasing need to change how companies...

2022 Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award Winner

We are so excited to share that Dimitra Technology is the winner of the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category! Such amazing recognition for our team & community.


Adding Traceability and Data to Your Coffee

Globally, people consume 166.6 million 60kg bags of coffee a year. Moreover, Honduras is the fifth-largest coffee producer in the world. In fact, they are the main coffee producer in Central America. The unique climatic conditions attests to it producing superior qualities of coffee.


Appreciation for Women in Agriculture

Today, women make up about 45% of the workforce in agriculture around the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that although females represent anywhere from 18–50% of landowners, only about 12.8% of women can carry out the role of landholder. The two roles are different: a landowner is a person who legally owns the land;...


Dimitra x Morpheus Network AMA: March 7th, 2023

Our CEO Jon Trask recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Morpheus.Network's CEO Danny Weinberger about all things Dimitra and Morpheus Network.


Dimitra Livestock Guru Pasture Management

In a world of evolving geological and economic conditions, the family farmer faces constant challenges when it comes to pasture management -- from overgrazing, to increased costs, to repairing damaged soil and land. Now - through the use of cutting-edge satellite technology, the Dimitra Livestock Guru platform gives the family farmer the power to optimize their pasture management, allowing them...


Dimitra’s Commitment to Advancing SDGs: Climate Action

To limit dangerous global warming by 2030, scientists recommend that emissions should be cut by 43% compared to 2010 levels. But according to current projections, global emissions will likely rise by 14% this decade. Collective urgency to take serious climate action is overdue. This is illustrated by the fact that corrective climate activities are a top priority among some of...


Track and Trace Technology for Major Crops

More than ever before, consumers and commercial goods traders care about where their food is coming from. People want to buy products that are ethically grown and fairly made. Brands want to maintain best practices in everything from responsible sourcing to recyclable packaging. As a result, companies are changing business operations to ensure a more positive environmental impact.


Making a difference: The power of AgriTech and blockchain in the fight for the planet’s future

Since it's inception, blockchain technology has found diversified and valuable applications to help boost efficiency and incentivize community participation in different areas and industries. Farming is a sector that can benefit from comprehensive blockchain technology solutions, specifically when it comes to assembling actionable data and making it work to improve small businesses' operations across several financial and sustainability metrics.