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Dimitra Releases New Farmer Sponsorship Program

Hello Dimitra Community, We hope you are well and are having a great 2023 so far. We appreciate your support, and we’re amazed at how many in our community have staked their tokens, indicating tremendous support for what we are...

Battling deforestation with the help of blockchain and AgTech

Blockchain technology has long been a part of the revolution in global supply chain management and the agricultural business. However, as the world continues to face the adverse effects of global warming and the increasing need to change how companies...

2022 Blockchain Entrepreneurship Award Winner

We are so excited to share that Dimitra Technology is the winner of the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category! Such amazing recognition for our team & community.


Tackling Deforestation with Dimitra Technology

Deforestation is the purposeful clearing of forested land. Furthermore, industrial agriculture accounts for a colossal 85 percent of deforestation worldwide. Slash-and-burn agriculture is just one example contributing to deforestation.


How to Detect Deforestation with Satellite

Deforestation is a leading cause of climate change, as it decimates the world’s forests which are critical to life on earth. If deforestation continues at its current rate, the planet risks having only 10% of forested land left by 2030. Globally, one of the leading drivers of deforestation is agriculture. To make more room for commercial crops such as soybeans,...


Adding Traceability and Data to Your Coffee

Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to farmers globally, is working with Ahprocafe, a coffee association in Honduras that has more than 100,000 associated farmers and dozens of local cooperatives. They bring state-of-the-art technology to coffee farmers, specifically traceability and AI, adding value to coffee locally.


Dimitra Teams up with Libyan Solar Company

Dimitra and The Libyan Solar Power Co. are working to find solutions to help farmers in remote areas where electricity is not available. Together, they are developing agricultural operations to help these farmers increase their yields, reduce overall costs, and mitigate risks.


American Cattlemen February 2023

Dimitra is featured in the February issue of American Cattlemen! Take a look at the issue to learn more about our Livestock Guru platform: https://www.flipsnack.com/twinriversmedia/american-cattlemen-february-2023/full-view.html


Rising Food Costs Going Into 2023

According to the recent Consumer Price Index report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices have risen 10.9% from October 2021 to October 2022 in the U.S. alone. It’s a global issue. Some countries have even seen record numbers of food inflations costs like Argentina with 91 percent, Turkey with an astonishing 103 percent and Ghana with 48 percent. The farming, production, processing,...


Deforestation is responsible for approximately 10 percent of global warming.

Deforestation is responsible for approximately 10 percent of global warming. We must solve deforestation to combat global warming. Agricultural expansion contributes to almost 90 percent of global deforestation.