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Dimitra Letter to the Community: April 4th, 2024

Members of the Dimitra Community, I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates with our community. Dimitra’s recent partnership with CACI Satinaki has resulted in a significant milestone: the certification of the first EUDR-compliant shipment out of Peru. This collaboration underscores...

Dimitra Letter to the Community

Hi everyone, Jon here, CEO of Dimitra. I am reaching out to you, our community members, to provide an update on some of our current activities and to thank you for your loyalty and support since our launch on September...

GBA 2023 Annual Achievement Awards Social Impact Award Winner

Our CEO and Founder Jon Trask is the winner of the 2023 Government Blockchain Association Annual Achievement Award in the “Social Impact” Category! This award is an acknowledgment of what we are doing as a company, and what we have...


Crypto Africa Week in Review: Ambazonia Rebels Launch Currency On Ethereum, Davido Scams Followers, And Avocado Farmers In Kenya Tokenize

This African crypto news article covers the digitization of Real World Assets with Dimitra and our partner One Million Avocados, talking about bringing avocados into the digital age! 🥑


Dimitra in Indonesia: Solok Radjo & Connected Coffee

Solok Radjo, a West Sumatran coffee cooperative, partners with Dimitra to lead the charge in data-driven, sustainable coffee production. Discover how they're transforming the industry to meet the growing demand for transparency.


Dimitra and OMA Scale Up with 10,000 RWA Release

Today Dimitra and One Million Avocados (OMA) kick off an ambitious project to plant 10,000 avocado trees across Kenya over the next year. Join us in cultivating a brighter future for smallholder farmers and the planet! Dimitra and OMA Scale Up with 10,000 RWA Release


Discover Dimitra’s all-in-one solutions for the modern farmer

Blockchain, IOT & AI are transforming the agriculture industry by promoting transparency, connecting farmers to consumers, & providing access to critical tools & data. Check out this article in CoinTelegraph showcasing Dimitra's all-in-one solution


Artificial Intelligence, Deforestation and Cacao

Everyone loves good chocolate, but do you know the relationship between AI and Chocolate? Over 5 million tons of cocoa are produced annually by small farmers, with 40% processed in Europe. New EU laws now require zero deforestation guarantees from these farms, pushing for sustainable practices. With Dimitra's AI, farmers can affordably provide the necessary export documents without costly certification...


Complying with EUDR: A Coffee Journey in Honduras

Dive into the latest news from Honduras! Dimitra in partnership with COMISUYL, aims to ensure due diligence and facilitate the export of the first coffee container. By partnering with producers, Dimitra boosts farm traceability and aligns with EU deforestation standards, paving the way for a more transparent agricultural sector. Our goal? To lead with responsible practices that elevate farmers and...


Dimitra Admin Panel for Deforestation

The Dimitra Deforestation Platform offers a comprehensive AI-based solution for the traders and operators to comply with the EUDR requirements. By using satellite analysis, AI, blockchain, and mobile tech, operators can detect deforestation, prove compliance, and reduce fraud risk.