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GBA 2023 Annual Achievement Awards Social Impact Award Winner

Our CEO and Founder Jon Trask is the winner of the 2023 Government Blockchain Association Annual Achievement Award in the “Social Impact” Category! This award is an acknowledgment of what we are doing as a company, and what we have...

Unlocking Agriculture’s Full Potential with Blockchain and Innovative Tech

Blockchain has been recognized for its potential to transform finance and other industries that rely on data, but what happens when innovation meets the world's oldest industry - agriculture? It turns out that blockchain has a lot to offer to...

Dimitra Releases New Farmer Sponsorship Program

Hello Dimitra Community, We hope you are well and are having a great 2023 so far. We appreciate your support, and we’re amazed at how many in our community have staked their tokens, indicating tremendous support for what we are...


Swahili blockchain to digitize tracing of Kenya avocado

Belize-based agritech company Dimitra has added Swahili in its list of 18 language block chain platform as it seeks to tap Kenyan avocado farmers into its data driven tracing model that would give farmers an edge in Western markets.


Empowering Kenya’s Avocado Farmers with OMA

So, why do people love avocados? This pear-shaped, green-skinned crop is not just a way to upgrade your dips and spreads, but they are also a nutrient-filled powerhouse. Contrary to popular belief, avocados are actually a fruit, not a vegetable.


International Day of Cooperatives 2023

The International Day of Cooperatives highlights the growth and progress of cooperatives all across the globe. These organizations help communities build better sustainable practices, shore up financial resources and develop socially progressive approaches to community building.


Dimitra’s Commitment to Advancing SDGs: Good Health and Well Being

Overall health and well-being impact many important aspects of human life, from career and family to socioeconomic experience. Studies have shown that better health and higher levels of perceived well-being are associated with decreased risk of chronic disease and injury, better immunity, and increased longevity.


How this AgTech firm transforms agriculture with its powerful tech stack

Blockchain technology has shown that it can transform data-driven markets, such as finance. However, the technology is industry-agnostic and can be applied across the board in ways specific to each industry. For example, it can be used in agriculture, the oldest industry in the world, and one that’s part of the primary sector of almost every economy globally.


Partnership between ABRAFRUTAS and Dimitra yields positive results for the fruit sector in Brazil

With the mission of providing technology to farmers worldwide, Dimitra, a global agtech company, established a partnership with the Brazilian Association of Fruit and Derivative Producers and Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS) last year. This union aims to explore how Dimitra’s technologies can be used to increase efficiency in the production, logistics, and export of Brazilian fruits.


Dimitra x Kucoin JP AMA Summary: June 8th, 2023

On June 8th, 2023 our CEO Jon Trask and our Chief Digital Currency Officer Mike Meurin had the opportunity to join an AMA in the Kucoin_JP Telegram Channel. Here is the summary: