GBA 2023 Annual Achievement Awards Social Impact Award Winner

Dimitra GBA Award – Our CEO and Founder Jon Trask is the winner of the 2023 Government Blockchain Association Annual Achievement Award in the “Social Impact” Category! This award is an acknowledgment of what we are doing as a company, and what we have in store for the future.

At Dimitra, social impact is more to us than just an idea. It is one of the main goals that we work towards each and every day.

However, We are on a journey to bring widespread, life-changing results to farmers around the globe. By continuously working to improve the well-being of farmers. We believe that the results will spread to their communities, societies, and even the world at large.

Thank you to those who voted, and those that continue to support the efforts we put forth at Dimitra.

Dimitra GBA Award – To learn more about the Annual Achievement Awards: https://gbaglobal.org/vote-aaa/

Therefore, The Annual Achievement Awards Finalists Have Been Chosen!

Please look over the 3 Finalists per Award and choose one winner per each of the 4 awards.

However, You do not need to be a GBA Member to vote. So feel free to invite all your friends and family to participate. There is no charge for voting.  Only one submission per IP address will be counted as valid.

Therefore, Winners will be announced from stage at the AAA ceremony, May 24, 2023, in Washington, DC. Winners do not need to be present to win. All finalists will be alerted that they made the finishing round and will be encouraged to come. – Dimitra GBA Award Dimitra

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Unlocking Agriculture’s Full Potential with Blockchain and Innovative Tech

Dimitra Cointelegraph Agriculture – Blockchain has been recognized for its potential to transform finance and other industries that rely on data, but what happens when innovation meets the world’s oldest industry – agriculture? It turns out that blockchain has a lot to offer to the food and agriculture sectors. Especially when merged with other innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), satellites and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The agriculture sector can join the tech revolution to upgrade every aspect that has to do with transaction and data. For example, blockchain could streamline processes related to the supply chain by increasing traceability and bringing automation to the table.

A report from InsightAce Analytics found that blockchain in the agriculture and food supply chain is a market valued at over $280 million as of 2022. And will grow to over $7 billion by 2031. Demonstrating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.76% during that period.

How can blockchain help agriculture businesses? – Dimitra Cointelegraph Agriculture

Thanks to its unique architecture that involves decentralization, blockchain ensures the highest possible degree of transparency and traceability, which are key elements in the agriculture sector. Decentralized networks enable participants, including farmers, producers, retailers and exporters, to monitor and address major challenges showing up in the supply chain. Eventually, blockchain records can be used for analysis purposes to improve various aspects in the supply chain.

The adoption of blockchain in agriculture can also help regulatory compliance and reporting. By ensuring the provision of accurate, up-to-date, tamper-proof data, stakeholders can make better-informed decisions and implement proper corporate governance. Decentralized networks also simplify the distribution of certification data among relevant parties.

Besides transparency, blockchain can facilitate other advancements in the agricultural sector. For instance, it can enable better management of land rights, more efficient food safety tracking, and enhanced traceability of inputs like seeds and fertilizers. Dimitra Cointelegraph Agriculture

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Dimitra Releases New Farmer Sponsorship Program

Hello Dimitra Community,

We hope you are well and are having a great 2023 so far. We appreciate your support, and we’re amazed at how many in our community have staked their tokens, indicating tremendous support for what we are doing.

Dimitra continues to build, and we continue to sign new deals for the Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform, Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform, Dimitra Connected Coffee module, and our new Dimitra Deforestation module with countries, cooperatives, and governments worldwide.

Here are a few of Dimitra’s highlights:

  • Dimitra signed commitments with 16 nations.
  • Dimitra signed a media partnership with Cointelegraph.
  • Dimitra is now in 18 languages.
  • Dimitra has built and deployed over 100 modules.
  • Dimitra launched our first bounty program with Ocean Protocol in July 2022. Since then, we have completed Phase Two and announced the winners.
  • Dimitra came out with a new “coffee” focused module in July 2022.
  • Dimitra launched our genetics module for livestock in April 2022, and we just launched the Dimitra Livestock Guru platform.
  • Dimitra has signed Bittrex as our latest exchange, and we’ve now listed on 5 of the top exchanges (https://dimitra.io/token/#markets).
  • Dimitra raised $6.5 million USD in our presale token sale offering, and we announced that GEM has committed to $20 Million.
  • Dimitra signed a media partnership with Cointelegraph to help get our message out to more communities across the world.
  • Dimitra won the W3B & Blockchain World 2022 Entrepreneurship Award in the Industry Solutions Category.

(*** These are only a few of our accomplishments, and there are so many more)

The Dimitra Sponsorship Program:

We’re excited to announce the Dimitra Sponsorship Program.

We’ve listened to our loyal community of supporters and heard what you’ve said: that you’d like to be involved and that it’s important we show utility within our platform. Keep in mind that we can’t share all our news due to NDAs and conditions with big government contracts. We’d like to be able to, but there are larger considerations with some of our contracts, and they will show more utility over time. We’re also working very hard on our Farmer Points Program and will have updates later this year.

How The Dimitra Sponsorship works:

When you purchase DMTR tokens through one of our exchange partners (https://dimitra.io/token/#markets), you can move your tokens from our exchange partners to your wallet and then log in to the DMTR portal and do two things:

  1. First, ensure your tokens are staked and receive up to 13% APY.
  2. The next step to sponsoring a project is to log into the Dimitra Portal and click on the “Sponsorship” tab. Take some time to read about the program. The most important point to remember is that if you choose to sponsor a project, those $DMTR tokens will be locked for a one-year period.
  3. To get started, select “Create New Sponsorship.” You will have the option to choose “Any Project” or a “Specific Project” to sponsor. If you choose “Any Project,” select the amount of DMTR in USD that you would like to use for Sponsorship.
  4. If you choose to sponsor a specific project, be sure to select “Specific Project.” to learn more about each of the projects associated with this sponsorship opportunity, select the Projects tab.
  5. When you are ready to choose the project you would like to sponsor, select the project region and the value of USD you want to contribute. Every 100 USD is one sponsored farmer. In addition, You have the opportunity to sponsor multiple projects.
  6. Once you hit continue, you will be asked if you want to receive project updates.

Things you should know/things to consider:

When you choose to sponsor a project/region/farmer, your DMTR tokens are locked for a one-year period.

You will also receive a reminder notice/email one month before the end of your one-year term of sponsoring the farmer, asking if you’d like to continue supporting the farmer and project or unstake your tokens.

The default condition will be to keep sponsoring the farmer and receiving your yield for staking with us.

Everyone wins :).

You are also bringing real utility and adoption of our platform to the world.

Historically, there has always been criticism of “well-intentioned” projects that claim they will help without real transparency as to where their money is going (think of Haiti and the billions that went missing). We wanted to address this via the Dimitra portal (https://portal.dimitra.io/login). You’ll see which country, community, and farm you are helping within the Dimitra platform. You also receive a thank you letter from the farmers.

Why support the Dimitra Sponsorship program?

  1. Make a real and tangible difference in the lives of farmers who need our technology but can’t afford it.
  2. Empower farming families and improve their communities.
  3. You’ll see how many farms you’ve impacted within the portal, which is pretty special.
  4. Improve food security and sustainability.
  5. Be part of a project that brings people together and real-world adoption of the Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform, the Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform, and our Connected Coffee Module.
  6. Support Dimitra’s mission of being and delivering on being an ESG company that aligns with the United Nations SDG goals.
  7. Be part of something bigger.
Dimitra Incorporated

New Horizon Building, 3-1/2 Miles Philip S.W. Goldson Highway, Belize City